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About us

In today's modern world, 417 Ltd aims to provide the Security Elements required to be the best in the business alongside the need to continually evolve and the desire to work without limitations. We are an organisation seeking to meet the demands of our clients while trained to define the trends that will alter and affect their future. We promise to:

Provide our clients with the highest possible standard of service in order to meet their security requirements.

Ensure our company is fully compliant with the Security Industry legislation and that the pursuit of excellence is ongoing and a vital part of our corporate culture.

Cooperate closely with the Police and Local Authorities to help prevent crime wherever possible and in a timely manner.

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Maintain systems which constantly monitor all aspects of our business so as to immediately identify and improve.

Follow a concise, robust and effective recruitment policy to ensure we only employ quality personnel, capable of making positive contributions to our clients.

Maintain a positive working environment for our employees, with an open door policy, so that any concerns can be resolved ASAP.

Guard Services

Services including the preparation of a Risk Assessment Report, which takes into account the unique security needs of each client.

Security Training

We work closely with SCAT, the leading professionals in guard training to constantly provide high level training to our staff.

Mobile Patrol Officers

Comprehensive and continuous Training to our Security Officers, so that their vigilance is of the highest standards.

CCTV Monitoring

417 Ltd is able to offer each customer a truly personalised and customised security solution that takes into account financial constraints and surpasses their expectations of quality and service.

Retail Safety

We are experts in our field and always keep up to date with the latest and most effective security practices. Trust us with your business and you will receive an unparalleled security experience in every possible challenge you face.

Event Security

Our unique approach and corporate culture enables us to cooperate with both internal and external partners in order to achieve the highest possible levels of professionalism and excellence.

Corporate Security

All services are delivered directly by 417 Ltd, maintaining clear lines of communication and a direct point of contact.

Panic Buttons

Ensure a fully autonomous panic button is always in reach when a threat presents itself at home or the workplace.

Home Security

We always use the latest technology to ensure our systems are impenetrable and independent.

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